Retention Starts in Truck Driver Recruiting

truck driver recruiting

Long-term contracts are productive for both drivers and trucking companies, and it’s essential that retention is top-of-mind during the truck driver recruiting process. While retention is a hot topic in the trucking industry, it isn’t often the focus during recruitment. 

The job market for qualified professional drivers is short in supply and we all know it’s high in demand. Drivers have the power to choose whether or not to stay long-term in your company. While we know that dissatisfied drivers tend to exit quickly with a ready offer from another trucking company. Companies should take advantage of the vantage point of drivers and fulfill the expectations with the following tips. 

Redefine the Truck Driver Recruiting Process

During truck driver recruiting, employers should redefine the process of recruitment. Make the interview an open-minded discussion for honest expectations. While asking honestly what prospective drivers in order to feel valued. If you’re desperately looking for drivers, respect and communication are critical. For example, trucking companies are considering the following criteria for a long-term relationship:

  1. Appreciation and loyalty
  2. Pay clarity
  3. Qualification, safety, health
  4. Sustainability and the environment

Improve The Parking Situation

The need to improve the parking situation for drivers is essential. However, the situation is getting worse because of increased regulations and higher volumes of freight. For many truck drivers, the nerve-wracking search for a place to stay begins after (or even during) a strenuous day at work. Because we know that drives are more likely to leave the industry altogether, it’s important to be knowledgeable and proactive about how your company will provide drivers with reliable parking. 

Discuss Areas of Improvement During Truck Driver Recruiting

Long waiting times, poor treatment, unloading the goods, removing the film from the pallets, regular trouble with exchange pallets, and the conditions at the loading ramps make the job of the truck driver even less attractive. Employers should prepare driver expectations during the recruiting stage, but also address how you’re taking action to identify ways the job can be improved. This kind of self-disclosure builds trust for future drivers.

Face The Future With Further Training

Digitization and technical progress are forcing quick advances in the trucking industry. While this means that the industry is becoming more efficient, it also can leave truck drivers behind if a proper implementation isn’t conducted. Regular training courses not only inform drivers on how to improve their work, but they also provide confidence their company is willing to invest in their professional growth. 

Retain Drivers from the Start 

The hiring of truck drivers for a long-term job is easier when retaining them is the priority. Consider the ways your own trucking company might be perceived in the driver community as you shape the driver recruiting process. And re-evaluate the areas of business mentioned in this blog. It could be the difference between a truck on the road today, and the side of the road tomorrow. 

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