SurveyMonkey vs. WorkHound: Picking The Right One

In years past, you might have gotten a knock on your front door from a survey-taker. Or you might have encountered one on a street corner, asking you to sign a petition to stop one cause or raise awareness of another.

While in-person surveys aren’t quite a thing of the past, as these sorts of things still happen, their heyday has passed. And, largely, they’ve been replaced by online survey tools.

In 2012, the e-survey company Mindshare Technologies said it completes more than 60 million surveys annually, and the rate of surveys online has gone exponentially up since then.

For things as major as election polling—and things as inconsequential as what movie your group of friends wants to see—we’ve become accustomed to online polling.

SurveyMonkey is one of the more popular survey websites and many carriers use it to gauge the engagement and dedication of their drivers. But is it the best choice?

Advantages of SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is undoubtedly powerful and popular survey program, with 25 million users and 90 million survey responses a month in 2015.

Typically, online SurveyMonkey surveys are rapid-fire, with a near-immediate response rate. Plus, these surveys are simple: participants can pick a moment that suits them best.

Researchers have also found that anonymous online surveys yield more honest answers. By designing and sending relevant and targeted surveys, people are more likely to respond with honest answers.

There are many benefits to online survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, and they’re not to be dismissed. The disadvantages lie not in the execution of the survey itself—rather, they’re after the survey is over.

Disadvantages of SurveyMonkey

So you’ve collected dozens of responses from your drivers using a SurveyMonkey survey. They’re neatly gathered in an Excel document. Now what?

Effective surveying requires being able to first gather information and then turn that information into more actionable tactics to help your company out.

One of the disadvantages of survey collection programs such as SurveyMonkey is that they excel on the information collection end, but fail to draw out useful information after the fact.

With just a table of data, the real insights to the issues that are troubling your company are really up for debate—discerning what to change and what to keep the same exclusively from a SurveyMonkey survey is a mistake.

Worse yet, many SurveyMonkey participants fail to even receive their survey emails, as they can get caught in email spam filters.

Gratefully, for companies looking to get a pulse of the engagement and happiness of their people—and turn that insight into real, substantive change for their whole organization—there is another way.

WorkHound’s Advantage

Custom-built to address the problem of turnover in the trucking industry, WorkHound exists for the solitary goal of retaining your drivers, unlike SurveyMonkey.

But, even more importantly, WorkHound offers an impressive array of post-survey analytics and reporting features to filter data, make sense of it internally and determine how to act it.

WorkHound comes with features that companies of all sizes need to determine the best course of action from a survey. With this powerful anonymous driver engagement platform, it’s easier than ever to identify issues to address, where you want to take action, and how you want to communicate with drivers to close the feedback loop.

To top it off, WorkHound has a customer success team built to hold your teams accountable and drive action. After all, the last thing any of your drivers wants is to be asked for their feedback and see nothing come of it.

Your drivers are already on their phone. Why not target them where they already are with WorkHound and get the real results your company needs?

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