The April 1-15 Edition of Driver Feedback about COVID-19

This information is being shared in a continued effort to provide information about driver feedback. Our team of experts has dissected this analysis from WorkHound driver communications. Professional truck drivers share open-ended feedback weekly, and often, feedback reflects curiosity or confusion about the impact of global or industry news.

Drivers began commenting about COVID-19 in February of 2020. At the beginning of March, less than 1% of all comments submitted to the platform were regarding the virus. In March, there was a drastic increase in the amount of feedback on COVID-19, resulting in 14% of the 3,435 comments received throughout the month referencing the pandemic.

In the first half of April, comments focused on the virus represented more than 27% of the 1,791 comments received through 4/15/20. This analysis examines those 485 units of driver feedback related to COVID-19, and is WorkHound’s third analysis on this topic.

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