The #1 Benefit Truck Drivers Look for With a Carrier

When truck drivers are in search of a new company to drive for, pay and home time have become well known benefits that they look for. But did you know there is one more benefit that is just as essential when it comes to recruiting and retaining truck drivers?

It’s simple, it’s free, and it makes a huge difference.

It’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

During conversations with truck drivers we’ve heard over and over again that they feel a lack of respect out on the road from the public, from dispatchers, and from their company. Many drivers, especially ones who are driving for carriers who employ more than 500 drivers, feel as though they are treated like a number or just someone holding a steering wheel, instead of a professional working in an important industry. All employees have an inherent need to feel valued, whether they are a cashier, a CEO, or a truck driver.

Respect isn’t a five-step plan that you can incorporate into your company overnight. You, the carrier, need to realize that your drivers are a necessity to the success of your company and treat them that way. If you can show your drivers that you value what they do for the company, they will quickly start to feel more respected. When drivers feel respected, they will respect you (the management), which creates a better experience for both parties. highlights the idea that respect leads to trust and trust leads to harder working employees. Having a company culture known for being respectful is a major competitive advantage in the trucking industry.

We aren’t saying that pay and home time are not important to truck drivers (because they are) but those two benefits paired with employees and managers who treat each other with mutual respect will play a major role in retaining drivers. Drivers are treated with disrespect from a multitude of people inside and outside the industry. If they know they are at least respected and appreciated by their carrier, they won’t want to leave. Thus, you will retain more truck drivers!

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