The Top Perks to Boost Your 2020 Employee Benefits Package

Benefits. You want the best for your team, but studies show that the benefit packages offered often don’t match up to the perks employees actually need. The good news is that feedback can be the key to unlocking the needs of your employee benefits package.

What do employees really want?

As we explored this topic, we noticed several trends surfacing in a variety of the studies we reviewed:

Telecommuting and flexibility in scheduling: It’s no secret that we’re becoming more and more connected. As technology improves, we’re enabled now more than ever before to complete our duties remotely — and workers are noticing. Two of the top three most valuable work perks are more flexible schedules and the ability to telecommute, according to a recent Robert Half survey.

“Not every industry is going to be able to offer telecommuting as a benefit, but what we’re seeing is that even industries that historically could not operate remotely are using technology to achieve this goal,” said Cindy Wincek, Sr. Customer Success Manager at WorkHound. “Take telehealth, for instance. A quick search on a job board will uncover the growing demand for remote telehealth nurses, and many job listings highlight the ability to work from home. This also goes for telehealth as a service for a dispersed workforce. Make sure your employees can remotely connect with a healthcare provider.”

Transparency: Back in 2016, Glassdoor predicted that overall company transparency would give employers an advantage over companies that held their cards close to their chest. Why? From Glassdoor’s perspective, employees are searching for jobs much in the same way as consumers purchase goods. Consumers and job seekers alike search for reviews and additional information online — and if they come up short, they may feel there is something to hide.

“Requesting regular, ongoing feedback from your teams is one way to stay ahead of the game on this touchy subject,” said Wincek. “If you’re aware of issues as they’re happening, you have the opportunity to address them. When issues go unheard or aren’t handled properly, employees may turn to social media, company reviews, or other outlets that could dissuade a quality candidate from pursuing employment at your business.”

On the flip side, a company that has a positive presence feeds into this growing trend toward openness and mutual respect in the workplace.

Feedback as a benefit (for your employees and for you)

The common thread we noticed in all of these concepts is that requesting feedback from your employees can be a benefit to them, as well as to your business.

“If you’re using an anonymous feedback tool like WorkHound to solicit your employees’ thoughts and wishes, you’re no longer guessing about what they want or creating a ‘set it and forget it’ approach to your company benefits package,” said Wincek. “Instead, you’re opening the line of communication to allow your employees to provide regular feedback about what they like, what they don’t like, and what could be changed to improve your benefits.”

And through this exercise, you’re boosting your overall company culture, retaining talent, and attracting great new hires.

Talk about a work perk we can all support.

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