Top 5 Reasons Employees See WorkHound as a Workplace Benefit

Employers love WorkHound because it gives them an opportunity to engage with workers, solve problems proactively, and lean into company culture. We’re super proud of that reputation and our contribution to the betterment of companies across North America. But, what makes us even more proud is that employees love us too. Our mission is to help people love the work they do, and it starts by caring about what they think.

Here are the top reasons employees think of WorkHound as a workplace benefit, in their own words — and why you should consider adding it to your next job listing!

1. WorkHound is anonymous. With no fear of retaliation, employees feel empowered to share freely, creating more honest and meaningful engagement.

“I love that we have WorkHound now so we can express how we really feel and not worry about retaliation. Thanks for giving all of us an outlet to voice our thoughts. This place has changed so much in the last couple of years for the better.

“I like WorkHound because I can freely express concerns I have without fear of retaliation. Keep up the great job.”

2. It makes workers feel appreciated.

“I am so proud to be a part of an organization that is trying to get better. Love WorkHound Wednesday.”

“I think the WorkHound platform is doing very well, it gives employees who would normally talk about company issues or concerns amongst themselves an opportunity to have their concerns by someone who probably could provide a solution. Keep up the good work. I think it’s great.”

3. It establishes two-way open communication for problem solving.

“I feel valued because of the treatment I’m given. When I send WorkHound feedback I always get a response and sometimes further feedback and that really makes you feel heard and valued as a person to know that your feedback doesn’t just disappear unnoticed onto a list somewhere. This kind of feedback and communication is what truly makes me feel valued and what sets [this company] apart. I could go on and on.”

“I had issues with maintenance on my truck. I wrote about it in WorkHound and got an immediate response and the issue was cleared up. The guy who called me went above and beyond to get the issue resolved.”

4. It’s simpler and more reliable than in-person chains of command.

“I’ve said it before and I have to say it again… WorkHound works! I was having issues and tried to go through the chain of command manager first, then HR… etc… When I wasn’t getting results I used WorkHound again and the very next morning once again like last time I started receiving multiple phone calls trying to get my issues fixed. That system alone is enough to pick [my employer] over the other carriers!”

5. It levels the playing field, giving everyone a voice.

“It was nice to see the WorkHound comments on the weekly stand up. I’m glad they’re being looked at and discussed by an array of employees not just at the executive level.”

6. It’s an outlet to catch moments of conflict or challenge before they escalate.

“Good morning WorkHound. I would like to share something that made me a little upset today… [hidden for anonymity]. Thanks for listening!”

“Many of my co-workers have expressed that there’s too much favoritism and if they rub their manager the wrong way he will mess with their workload and I don’t think you guys hired him for this kind of reason. This doesn’t apply to me, but I think someone needs to know why the employee rate of leaving is so high. Thank you for listening.”

WorkHound is making a measurable difference in companies across frontline industries with a solution that employees truly value as a workplace benefit. Pro tip: Add it to your job listings and it might help you recruit your next best hire!

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