Webinar: The People Side of M&A


The transitional period surrounding a merger or acquisition causes confusion and chaos.

Workers ask: Who are we? Am I going to lose my job? Is our company closing? Is our business unhealthy?

Communication challenges are one of the top factors that cause company synergies to fail in mergers and acquisitions.

And the challenges of communication include lack of understanding in identity, career progression, stability of the business, and all of these misalignments present the opportunity for recruiters at other competitors to bring assurance to the experience their companies offer.

Thus, turnover happens.

We’ve invited Spencer Tenney, Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist and President & CEO of The Tenney Group, and Michael McLary, CEO of Ascend Transport Group, to offer their insight into guiding the merger and acquisition process.

In this WorkHound Webinar, discover:

  • What needs to be communicated in order to achieve calm in the chaos
  • How to assess cultural differences
  • How to downsize and also retain talent

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