What You Need to Know About Driver Turnover

driver turnover

Trucking companies can learn a lot from driver turnover. It plays a significant role in the driver recruiting process. The data collected about your annual driver turnover can help you determine exactly what type of driver you are interested in hiring. It can also help you step back and analyze what parts of your company you should improve to retain drivers longer.

The Trouble with Driver Recruitment

Recruiting drivers to work for a trucking company may not seem like a difficult task. Truck driving is one of the most popular occupations in the U.S., ranking in the top five careers for many states several years in a row.

But recruiting drivers is a numbers game, and you must find the best drivers to fill the seats of your vacant trucks and get them back on the highway once again. The longer your fleet is sitting idle, the more money your company will lose.

While it’s important to hire more drivers, it’s also crucial that you see drivers on the job as coachable and trusted resources in the way your business operates.

The shipping industry is constantly increasing the amount of freight that is shipped. That places a burden on trucking companies while the demand for more drivers also goes up. Even though truck driving is a prevalent occupation throughout the country, many trucking companies are still having difficulty filling in vacant driving positions and keeping up with the ongoing demand.

Why Use WorkHound?

WorkHound is a helpful platform designed with the essential workforce in mind. It allows employees to leave anonymous feedback in real time. It gets the word out about any issues present within the company and lets the workers give suggestions on how their employer can improve.

The WorkHound platform features analytics that focuses on your business’s specific issues. It has already helped many companies, like USA Truck, Bay & Bay Transportation, and ACT, retain their frontline workers while also giving their profits a boost and saving both time and money.

The company created the platform to help people love the work they do each day. WorkHound started in the trucking industry, where the average rate for turnover is highest. Over time, they extended their platform to support the exchange of real-time feedback from frontline workers in numerous industries.

Give WorkHound a try today and see for yourself how the platform can drive success for companies just like your own.

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