HNI Webinar – Questions: “Why Truck Drivers Quit”

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As a member of the De-Risking Network, WorkHound partnered up with HNI to host a webinar titled “Why Truck Drivers Quit” and we received some great follow-up questions.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing answers to five questions following the webinar. Read on to get caught up on the answers following last week’s session:

  1. “Is feedback anonymous?” 
    Yes! Drivers have the ability to leave feedback without the fear of retaliation. This is important because it gives drivers the confidence to share real, honest insights. In situations that drivers share urgent feedback, their carrier can ask the driver to reveal their identity so they can have a direct conversation to get to the bottom of their concern.
  2. “You say that the reason why drivers quit is different at every carrier, so why do my drivers quit?” 
    The no. 1 reason why drivers are quitting across the industry is because they don’t feel respected or like they have a voice. Essentially, drivers are leaving without sharing an honest reason because they don’t feel like they can proactively communicate their concerns. Going back to the first question: anonymous feedback helps raise the drivers’ voice while building trust so you can have a better idea of how to prioritize change to ultimately retain your drivers.
  3. “Is recruiting or retention more important?”
    Retention and recruiting are equally important, but if carriers aren’t stabilizing the lifespan of hired drivers by understanding how to retain them, their recruiting efforts won’t be fully maximized. The entire industry first needs to understand how to keep drivers before it can understand how to gain more and grow.
  4. “What if I feel like I already know what my drivers want?” 
    Assumptions are expensive. Do you feel like you know what drivers want, or do you know? And if so, how? We’ve worked with carriers who’ve been focusing their efforts on new equipment for months only to discover that the problem was simply ineffective and inefficient communications. If you don’t know why truck drivers quit, it’s probably time to ask.
  5. “What makes WorkHound different than other retention software?” 
    WorkHound is a real-time feedback platform that will communicate with your drivers weekly to understand the most up-to-date sentiments from your drivers, so we’re not waiting to get feedback about why truck drivers quit. We’re instead getting to the bottom of what will help them stay. We’re all familiar with situations where a driver was happy at the beginning of the week, something ticked them off in the middle, and by the end, they’re at a completely different company, right? We’re here to intervene. It’s time to turnaround the industry-wide turnover problem.

Learn more about how real-time feedback could help your retention efforts by getting in touch with the WorkHound team.

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