Why Unusual Feedback Can Yield Wins for Trucking Companies

unusual feedback

If you’ve ever read through one of our trends reports, you know that we are continuously diving deep into the feedback truck drivers provide across the industry. When we review these individual pieces of feedback provided to trucking companies, we often spot commonalities — general themes that recur often.

But while there are categories that crop up repeatedly, such as issues related to pay or questions about equipment maintenance, we also get a good deal of feedback that falls outside of those parameters. And really, it’s that “unusual” feedback that gets to the heart of why having a feedback mechanism in place is so important.

Making decisions based on reliable data is critical for running any business, let alone a trucking company. Relying on your gut instinct or a guess at what drivers need and want often results in missteps rather than a direct line to success.

“Giving drivers an opportunity to provide their honest, unfiltered feedback elicits more accurate insights about what’s truly important,” says Katie Love, Marketing Manager at WorkHound. “Armed with those insights, you can then make decisions that truly benefit drivers, keeping turnover low.”

Wondering what that has to do with unusual feedback? Well, truly understanding what your drivers need and want requires you to remember that they’re individuals who have unique and distinct needs.

Those individual needs and wants often don’t fit “inside the box.” So today, we’re exploring some of the less-common feedback we’ve seen that still gives companies an opportunity to improve upon their business operations and better serve drivers.

Exploring Unique Topics
In a blog earlier this year, we referenced a request from one driver to help support their vegan diet. That’s one example of out-of-the-box feedback — the type that really gets to the point of what drivers actually need.

Here are some others we’ve seen:

  • A request for better vending machines so drivers can eat healthier meals and snacks, with options that are hot and appealing 
  • Feedback about the need for handicap and motorcycle parking at a carrier’s facility, along with other mobility-related concerns
  • The facts about poor shower conditions at a company’s truck depot 
  • Specifics about poor conditions at a company’s driver lounge, including the way it was cleaned/maintained
  • Unexpected praise for the actions of a coworker
  • Delight about meeting the CEO or another member of a company’s leadership team

While these pieces of feedback are all very unique and personalized, they have one thing in common: They’re a stepping stone to building trust between drivers and their employers.

“What you see in ‘unexpected’ or ‘unusual’ feedback is a lot of nuances,” Love says. “This type of truly honest and personalized feedback offers the opportunity for a company to respond and build trust.”

A feedback mechanism like WorkHound also allows drivers to provide unusual feedback of a different type — the kind they simply might not share otherwise.

“We often see drivers share vulnerable concerns about their health and well-being through WorkHound,” Love says. “These are things that they wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing in a conversation over the phone or in person. An established feedback program provides another opportunity for drivers to feel seen and heard, one that’s very important in those types of situations.”

A Partner in the Process

It’s important to note that at WorkHound, you can count on our team of account representatives to help out with feedback response — from the typical to the unusual.

“If you’re considering a feedback program but you’re afraid of opening Pandora’s box, don’t stress!” Love says. “Our team has helped carriers navigate and respond to countless pieces of feedback, and we’re here to support our customers, not just in celebrating the wins but also navigating challenges.”  

Get to the heart of your drivers’ needs and wants with a feedback program that meets them where they are. Sign up for a free demo to learn how WorkHound can help!

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