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One of our mantras in decision-making at WorkHound is “speed, simplicity, and focus,” and the result of this vision means quick, effective work and the permission to cut to the chase. Our goal is to encourage customers to do the same. This starts with our product.

WorkHound was established as a way to help trucking companies solve complex problems, we help companies break down those complex issues into something manageable by capturing actionable driver feedback.

It’s that simple.

Feedback Simplified

When you’re looking to solve the familiar trucking industry woe of driver turnover, the most effective strategy we’ve found is to get to the root of the problem. That means asking drivers what they need and want, rather than assuming you already know.

We know from years of research that assumptions about driver needs only lead to unnecessary expenses of both time and money.

That’s what WorkHound solves for. It helps you cut out the extra cost investment by getting you real-time feedback from drivers and other employees.

And the best part? Gathering that feedback requires a minimal time investment on your part. Once implemented, WorkHound helps you keep a finger on the pulse of what your drivers need and want without actually having to actively and continuously solicit that feedback, because that’s WorkHound’s job.

In our experience, most companies need to spend only about three hours a week to keep the feedback cycle working effectively. That boils down to logging into their dashboard daily for around 15 minutes to check on feedback, having a weekly meeting with a WorkHound customer success manager for 15 to 30 minutes to discuss strategies, and then taking action on feedback, such as sending out broadcasts, asking people to reveal and talking with them, and actually putting solutions into place.

We also know that some companies choose to expand this work to optimize effectiveness and that’s great, too. Getting feedback is great, and doing something about it is the cherry on top.

“I love the WorkHound platform,” says Patrick Kelly, Terminal Manager for AFC Transport. “The simplicity helps my day along. The fact that I can go in and hit refresh a couple times a day and I’m able to see when new comments come along is so important.”

What Sets WorkHound Apart

We’ve established that WorkHound helps simplify the process of obtaining driver feedback. But what’s the difference between the WorkHound platform and other feedback programs?

The key is that WorkHound isn’t trying to overhaul your existing processes. Instead, it’s designed to work in correlation with those programs and processes — helping to make them streamlined and successful.

“WorkHound fits seamlessly into the work a company is already doing,” says Katherine Vanderford, Director of Customer Success at WorkHound. “It helps companies identify the highest priorities, and because of that, they’re no longer assuming or guessing. They know exactly what matters to drivers, which allows them to cut through any clutter and instead focus on the big things.”

Every company implements WorkHound in slightly different ways, but most carriers find value in using WorkHound feedback to inform other aspects of their work, from hiring and retention to safety.

“Most of the companies we work with have multiple eyes on the feedback, so it allows them to simply integrate it into their regular meetings,” Vanderford says. “So, for example, members of the safety team would have access to feedback related to safety and use it to guide the discussion. Companies also use feedback to praise the good work their people are doing, because they have actual information about it.”

It all boils down to simplifying the process of obtaining and reviewing feedback.

For Jackie Giefer, Director of Operations at Bay & Bay Transportation, that was a difference-maker.

“We’d looked at other software that seemed incredibly time-consuming and laborious, whereas this seemed very straightforward,” Giefer says. “And we’ve learned it is just that — it’s a very simple tool to use, but it offers a lot in the way of retention.”

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