WorkHound Expands Frontline Feedback Platform Into Healthcare


The anticipated service expansion comes as healthcare management sees increased benefits from efficient and timely communications with distributed frontline workers.

Chattanooga, Tennessee (May 19, 2020) WorkHound, a real-time feedback platform for frontline workforces, announced today their expansion into the healthcare sector. Founded in 2015, the software company has spent the past half-decade strengthening worker retention efforts across essential American industries like trucking. Leveraging that success, WorkHound’s healthcare entrance will initially be focused on home health and long-term care facilities (LTCF). 

“For more than a year, we’ve anticipated expansion into healthcare, and there is no better time than now to make that move,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Max Farrell. “As the COVID-19 pandemic taxes and stretches thin the entire healthcare workforce, it is imperative that frontline workers are able to communicate what they’re seeing in the field, as well as relaying their wants and needs.”

The past year has been momentous for WorkHound. In 2019, the award-winning company successfully completed a venture capital fundraise to grow deeper into the trucking industry and expand into new spaces. Since this February, their data related to truck driver sentiment about working conditions during COVID-19 has proven a valuable resource to industry leaders and watchers. 

How WorkHound works: WorkHound enables employers to receive instant and anonymous frontline workforce feedback via text message so management can address those matters in a timely manner. Feedback is cataloged and is viewable on a dashboard. Employers can segment and populate reports based on variables such as location, sentiment (positive/negative), and topic. If workers prefer to reveal themselves, management can address them individually

“When we introduced WorkHound five years ago, our aim was to positively impact as many industries as possible by improving employee retention efforts,” said Farrell. “While employee retention remains an essential WorkHound focus, our platform is also enabling managers to keep a real-time pulse on their frontline workers amid a dynamic and rapidly-changing landscape. As we enter the healthcare realm, we believe WorkHound will not only facilitate more positive communication between frontline employees and management, but that open communications will also promote better health outcomes for the people in their care.”

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About​ WorkHound:

WorkHound was started with the mission of helping people love the work they do. Our platform is built specifically for the frontline workforce. We’ve given thousands of essential workers a voice with our real-time, anonymous feedback platform. With our insightful analytics that hones in on business issues, we’ve helped companies of all sizes retain frontline workers, boost profitability, and save money. Our company started in the trucking industry where average driver turnover rates are 95%. We have expanded our platform to support real-time feedback for additional frontline workers.

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