WorkHound Featured in Forbes as Solution for Truck Driver Churn

WorkHound has been featured by Forbes in the article, “Truckers Find A Voice — Yet Another By-Product Of Full Employment.”

The article covers how job openings have surpassed the number of unemployed for the first time in U.S. history.

With the labor shortage, companies are struggling to find workers. Especially in the trucking industry which has suffered from heavy churn and poor working conditions.

These conditions have proved ideal for WorkHound to become the go-to solution for collecting and analyzing driver feedback and reducing driver turnover.

Below is a short excerpt.

“You don’t have to be a numbers guy to know that the balance of power has shifted when a company called WorkHound can quickly establish itself. Self-described as a mobile software platform that collects and analyzes driver feedback, the app is focused on reducing driver turnover. Among other things, it provides drivers a fast and easy way to anonymously lodge complaints against their employers. Frankly, it’s a great idea for any mobile workforce, but an idea whose time has come for an industry where driver complaints had fallen on relatively deaf ears for far too long.

With a national, annual churn rate of 95%, an average driver age of 55, and a turnover cost fast approaching $10,000 each, the return-on-investment for a platform like WorkHound can come fast. Go ahead and add-in the empty truck problem (a sidelined truck is estimated to be about a $1,000 a day problem) and top it off with the expense of running continuous recruitment and training operations that are now fumbling in pursuit of millennials. In that light, keeping a group of grumpy old men together would seem easy to justify at most any cost. Just kidding, kind of.’


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