WorkHound, Marten Transport take on driver retention through expanded partnership

Chattanooga, Tenn. (May 31, 2018) — WorkHound and Marten Transport, Ltd. (Nasdaq/GS:MRTN) are announcing a partnership expansion from a limited rollout of 500 drivers to more than 1300, Marten Transport’s complete over-the-road (OTR) fleet, on WorkHound’s software platform developed to help carriers improve driver retention.

WorkHound raises the voice for frontline workers through an anonymous feedback loop provided by a mobile communication service. Through this effort, Marten Transport credits WorkHound with retention of at least 50 drivers in the first four months of the partnership.

“The greatest benefit of WorkHound for Marten Transport is about identifying a real issue for our drivers and fixing it so they’ll stay,” said Lars Offerdahl, Marten Transport Director of Recruiting. “It’s about doing away with the surveys, where we assume the issues that drivers face, and truly listening to open-ended feedback. This is how we can find a micro win that results in a macro change in our company’s turnover and policy.”

Changes that have resulted from Marten driver feedback include a pet policy that allows drivers to travel with pet companions, a passing speed bump to increase the speed of trucks as drivers make passes on the interstate, and updates to terminal facilities.

WorkHound has also helped drivers reveal and resolve frustrations with other software functions while Marten Transport continues to invest in technology upgrades.

“Marten has been an awesome partner to work with,” Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound said. “We built our product to help carriers listen, act, and respond. Marten has taken that to heart and made positive changes for professional drivers while regularly responding to driver feedback. We’re thrilled to continue growing this relationship.”

WorkHound is taking on the staggering industry-wide turnover with some of the largest fleets across the United States by implementing change based on feedback to ultimately open the door to the future workforce. While trucking remains WorkHound’s main focus, other industries that encounter difficulties with retention— warehousing, manufacturing, and nursing— are next on the horizon.


About Marten:
Marten Transport, Ltd., headquartered in Mondovi, Wis. and trading symbol MRTN on NASDAQ, provides value add temperature control and dry transportation via: Truckload, Intermodal, Dedicated and Logistics services.

About WorkHound:
WorkHound is a real-time engagement platform for frontline workers. WorkHound creates a fast and simple feedback loop to give workers a voice. Companies act on these insights, enhance communication, improve operations, and increase worker retention. WorkHound currently specializes in helping companies in trucking, healthcare, manufacturing, and warehousing industries.

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