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Resolution Rate


Averitt Express is a logistics company that puts its people first.

Working in the trucking industry, which averages an alarming 95% driver turnover rate, Averitt’s leadership team has long focused on building a people-centric culture that outperforms industry standards when it comes to trucker retention.

“We’ve done a lot of things over the last 15 to 16 years when it comes to improving the driver experience,” says Averitt Director of Driver Services David Broyles. “We’ve used analytics to determine drivers who might leave, based on history and other factors, and we’ve been involved with a lot of different types of surveys. What I’ve always looked for is something that fits into the Averitt culture.”

With all sights on company culture, the Averitt team deeply values driver feedback. While company surveys provided some insights, the results were often generalizations and didn’t always deliver a true representation of the driver experience. “In a typical survey, you’re looking at 10 to 15 questions to try and hone in,” Broyles explains.

Recognizing that communication, culture, and driver tenure are all intertwined, Broyles needed help to foster all three with actionable data he could use, and WorkHound’s platform was the perfect solution.

A Real-Time Feedback Solution

WorkHound’s unique format encourages workers to answer questions about their job experience specifically and honestly, in just a few minutes.

“What sets WorkHound apart is that it takes a driver one to three minutes to leave a comment. In today’s environment, that works to our advantage. Drivers don’t want to spend a lot of time providing their thoughts. WorkHound is on to something, where it only takes a few minutes to provide input. Then, when drivers realize that they’re getting a voice, they stay engaged.”

And when drivers are engaged, leadership gets real-time feedback, directly from the workforce. This unfiltered feedback gives Averitt the opportunity to not just understand life in the field, but also a chance to take immediate action.

“What I like about WorkHound is that it’s actionable data in real-time. Data is coming in every day. We’re able to look at trends and things that are happening right away.”

David Broyles Averitt Director of Driver Services

Turning Insights Into Action

Averitt’s leadership team shows drivers they’re heard by taking action based on driver feedback — and then informing drivers about the action taken. While much of the feedback leads to small actions, WorkHound feedback also results in large-scale, impactful changes.

“We’ve actually dropped customers based on feedback, when drivers are reporting dangerous conditions at a freight stop, for example,” Broyles says. “We also drop customers that aren’t treating drivers with respect. That’s pretty significant for a freight company to say we aren’t going to haul your freight anymore because you aren’t treating our drivers right.”

Ultimately, WorkHound helps Averitt understand the worker’s lived experience, and learn how to make it the best it can be by using anonymous feedback directly from the workforce. This, in turn, directly supports trucker retention.

“I think it helps us identify what we’re doing well, what we’re doing so-so, and what we need to improve on. I like to say that WorkHound feedback is the drivers’ voice.”

David Broyles
Averitt Director of Driver Services

The Results:
Growth and Satisfaction

“Our culture is important,” Broyles says. And for all the investments the Averitt team has made, the data shows a sizable return.

< 50%

Turnover Rate

Averitt maintains a turnover rate of just under 50%, significantly lower than industry average


Most Common Type of Feedback

Of the 13 feedback categories, "Praise" is the most common type of feedback submitted by Averitt drivers, making up 42% of total feedback 


Satisfaction Score

After 1 year of using the platform, Averitt maintains a 7.77 satisfaction score, significantly higher than the 6.22 average of similarly sized carriers


Resolution Rate

The company believes in commitment to action, as evidenced by its impressive 98.1% resolution rate


Pieces of Feedback

Drivers have sent 7651 pieces of feedback, each read by Averitt's leadership team


OTM Rate

Leadership often responds directly to drivers using WorkHound's One-Time Message function. Their 81.94% OTM rate far surpasses the 55.26% rate of comparable carriers. 

With the help of WorkHound, Averitt leadership now has a healthy feedback loop in place. Using data collected on the platform, they’re able to create action plans and foster a positive company culture, earning trust and ultimately creating a highly functioning workplace.

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