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“WorkHound seemed like a really good option to allow people to chime in. Even if they didn’t feel comfortable talking to somebody directly.”

Scott Shapiro
Vice President

In late 2022, Texas-based BCB Transport wanted to build resilience within its workforce. As turnover rates started creeping up, the company needed a solution to temper the churn and support its growing network of drivers.

“We started to see this rise in turnover, and we knew that we had to do something,” explained BCB Vice President, Scott Shapiro. By March 2023, Scott and BCB Director of HR Christi Self decided to launch WorkHound. With WorkHound’s layer of anonymity, Scott hoped the platform could help open dialogues, especially with drivers who might not otherwise want to speak up. “WorkHound seemed like a really good option to allow people to chime in,” he said. “Even if they didn’t feel comfortable talking to somebody directly.”

Together with WorkHound Customer Service Manager Natalie Cowden, Scott and Christi launched WorkHound in March 2023. Within the first three months, they’d exceeded benchmarking for engagement, improved employee retention, and boasted a 100% contact rate. We caught up with Scott and Christi to talk about their experience with WorkHound and a few keys to their success.

Measuring Progress

While turnover reduction was the biggest driving force for launching WorkHound, Scott also pointed to the growing base of drivers using the platform as a measurement of success. “One thing I’m proud of is the amount of users that we have,” said Scott. “That’s a good sign. I don’t think people would be opting in and staying in and sending messages if they didn’t believe that they were getting results.” And the results have been excellent.

Within the first year, more than 200 BCB Transport drivers have opted into WorkHound, and the company has seen a 15% improvement in driver retention rates, bolstering the BCB workforce with dozens of additional drivers year-over-year.

The platform has also supported morale, allowing drivers to ask questions about things that worried them — like, for example, an acquisition the company was going through in 2023. With WorkHound in the mix, Christi and Scott were able to quell fears about the acquisition, reassuring drivers with real-time information, and keeping them informed so they knew what to expect.

“One thing I’m proud of is the amount of users that we have. That's a good sign. I don't think people would be opting in and staying in and sending messages if they didn't believe that they were getting results.”

Scott Shapiro Vice President


Contact Rate

Keys to Success

After launching WorkHound, Scott and Christi chose to take on dashboard management responsibilities themselves, fielding every comment that comes through. Here are a few things they shared that they feel have been pivotal to their success with the platform.

Varied Perspectives, “Yin and Yang”

From Scott’s work as Vice President to Christi’s role leading Human Resources, both leaders are able to drive change within the company, albeit from distinctly different perspectives. It turns out, this “yin and yang” effect, as Scott calls it, is a big reason why it works so well. “It’s definitely a partnership,” Scott explained. “There are certain things that come across that I would specialize in answering, and there’s definitely things that Christi would be much better suited to answer. Having two people on opposite sides of the spectrum — someone like me, that’s been in the weeds on operations and then someone like Christi on the HR side — I think it’s kind of key to our success.”

Empathy and Advocacy

Both Scott and Christi are also passionate driver advocates, willing to listen closely to what drivers have to say and jump into action to help. Christi says operating from a place of empathy is a major key to managing feedback. “You have to be someone that genuinely cares and truly wants to see a change,” she explained.


In addition to fielding questions and problems, Christi also notes that it’s critically important to follow through with solutions. “That’s the other important part: You have to be somebody that’s going to completely follow through,” said Christi. “Lots of people can say, ‘Yeah, we’ll check on this,’ or ‘I’ll send it to this person.’ But if you just leave it there, yes you answered them, but you still didn’t find a solution… You have to want to be able to say to this person ‘Hey, I fixed it for you.’”

100% Contact Rate

While most WorkHound customers are diligent about maintaining a generally high contact rate — how often dashboard managers reply to workers’ comments — the BCB team has committed to a flawless record from the outset, making it their mission to reply to every single message that comes through.

Celebrating Wins

Both Scott and Christi are well-respected and have the ability to drive changes within the organization, which is extremely important, as it gives drivers confidence in knowing they’ve got someone in their corner, something Scott says is a win in itself. “99% of the things that get brought up are fixable and that’s been our biggest success — just being able to prove that to drivers. All I’ve got to do is know about it,” said Scott. “If I know about it, I can probably fix it.”

To reinforce their wins, the BCB team has a dedicated bulletin board featuring printouts of praise and positive comments the team has received on WorkHound. Strategically positioned near orientation training for new drivers, Scott tells us the board is a popular addition to the office, especially for new hires. “We put all the really cool comments up there so that new hires can see what WorkHound is and see what the results are if you just voice your opinion.”

Commitment to Improvement

WorkHound is a powerful tool, but it’s only as effective as leaders’ commitment to positive change. The BCB Transport team has been one of the best examples of a committed team using WorkHound to make lasting changes for the better. WorkHound CSM Natalie Cowden says Scott and Christi have been instrumental in this way. “The teamwork and combination of Scott and Christi is exactly why this platform is a success for BCB Transport,” Natalie shared. “They define what transparent and empathetic communication looks like between drivers and BCB management. They continuously talk about WorkHound in orientation, weekly driver shows and meetings, and make it part of the culture. It’s clear that drivers know that their feedback is not only viewed, but action is taken when applicable. I’m so proud of all that they have accomplished!”

Ensuring Every Voice is Heard

BCB Transport’s journey with WorkHound stands as a shining example of how dedicated leaders can use culture to significantly transform the workplace. By prioritizing driver feedback and ensuring every voice is heard, Scott, Christi and the BCB team have cultivated a resilient and engaged workforce built on trust and transparency. Their success with WorkHound is a testament to the power of listening and the profound impact it can have on a company’s morale and operational efficiency.

Building Trust With Constant Contact

With WorkHound’s help, BCB leaders have consistently demonstrated their respect and appreciation for drivers and what they have to say, creating an improved work environment, boosting employee satisfaction, and improving retention.


Contact Rate

The BCB team takes great pride in responding to every comment sent through WorkHound, fostering constant trust between drivers and leaders.


Retention Improvement

With Scott and Christi both able to make changes based on driver feedback, drivers were consistently happier and retention improved 15%.


Worker Satisfaction

WorkHound helps create a dynamic of mutual respect between leaders and the workforce, driving consistently high worker satisfaction.

BCB Transport

“99% of the things that get brought up are fixable and that's been our biggest success.”

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