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USA Truck has seen consistent growth throughout its 40-year history, maturing from a small regional team in 1983 to a large national operator with more than 2,000 employees today.

Unfortunately, the trucking business has long been plagued with inefficiencies, and in 2019, USA Truck was one of many in the industry struggling with operational turnover rates.

In an effort to address this issue, the company connected with WorkHound to improve the worker experience with engagement and keep a bead on company culture through the lens of employees.

“We started with WorkHound in 2019, because turnover was an issue”, says Jennifer Clark, Experience Improvement Manager at USA Truck.

Prior to using WorkHound, we did not have a good understanding of the driver experience. Our retention was out of control, and we didn’t have good data to show why.

Since we began working with WorkHound, we’ve gained valuable feedback into the driver experience, and data to help us reveal trends. We’ve also gained a higher communication and trust rate with the drivers providing their honest feedback and ideas. ”

Reducing Driver Turnover:
Gathering Data Directly From the Source

With WorkHound, USA Truck gained a continuous source of feedback that helps its leadership team understand employee needs and allows them to intervene as needed to improve the status quo and meet employees where they are. And the results were significant right out of the gates.

Much of the initial feedback related to what was causing drivers to seek employment elsewhere. It was eye-opening for leaders — and proved to be a tremendous source of change.

“We now know exactly where the issues are, and we’ve been able to put plans in place to alleviate some of those issues. In individual cases, we are able to fix problems quickly or provide an outlet for the employee to communicate frustration. We listen.”

"We now know exactly where the issues are, and we’ve been able to put plans in place to alleviate some of those issues."

Jennifer Clark Experience Improvement Manager


Reduction in Operational Turnover

Once the USA Truck team was engaged,
there was no turning back

The leadership team saw tangible results in their trucker retention data in no time. Since its initial deployment of WorkHound in February 2019, USA Truck has reduced operational turnover by an astounding 27.8%. The company parlayed its results with trucker retention into new initiatives for its front office staff as well.

“Using WorkHound has really helped inform us of what the employee experience is, so we can look at process improvements to alter that experience. In some cases, has even helped us identify issues quickly that we thought were individual, until seeing the trend through feedback and engaging with those individuals. Without this outlet for employees, we would not be able to identify such issues so quickly.”

Jennifer Clark
Experience Improvement Manager at USA Truck

Improving Driver Retention:
Changing Culture with Engagement

While truck driver retention was the initial objective, WorkHound ultimately helped reshape the company culture at USA Truck, not only with its fleet of drivers but also with its office staff, by empowering all workers with a voice. This level of ownership, along with USA Truck’s commitment to taking action, has helped the company dramatically improve company operations.

WorkHound has driven a lot of ownership, particularly at the department level,” says Ian Rozmiarek, Senior Manager of Talent Management & Employee Engagement at USA Truck. “Now that these leaders have WorkHound as a tool, they’re excited, and they’re engaged. They want to make the best environment for the team, and now they have the information to do that.”

The Results:
The Convergence of Retention & Culture

With WorkHound’s help, USA Truck uncovered the driving factors behind its turnover challenges, and make corrections before they became retention problems.


Total Workers on the Platform

After a successful deployment with its driver fleet, USA used WorkHound for office staff too


Pieces of Feedback

USA Truck drivers and office staff have fully engaged, happily sharing their thoughts


Drivers Willing to Reveal Identity

USA Truck has outperformed the average (30.65%), thanks to a tactful, hands-on approach


Of Drivers Stay for 30+ Days

Almost 9 times out of 10, USA Truck is able to retain a driver for 30+ days after resolution

“Before WorkHound, our employees were guarded and lacked trust in leadership. After WorkHound, our employees are empowered and engaged.”

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