The Crossroads of Pay & Culture: A Virtual Trucking Roundtable

In 2020 Driver Feedback Trends, 41% of comments about pay were actually questions. Driver pay is simply confusing, but is the confusion caused by rates or company culture?

In this discussion, WorkHound invites the National Transportation Institute and American Central Transport to share how they’re innovating ways to ensure drivers get paid, and how they’re creating cohesive retention cultures between carriers, shippers, and drivers.

We’ll also hear from American Central Transport, and how their organization has prioritized driver retention by demystifying the pay structure for drivers while establishing a disciplined and stable company culture.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to stay ahead of industry-wide pay trends
  • Why feedback about pay matters
  • What to do about unpaid driver work
  • The hurdles to establishing an innovative driver pay program

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