2024 Trends in Trucking Report

The WorkHound Annual Trends Report highlights the biggest challenges and priorities for today’s truck drivers and their industry colleagues.

Discover how a range of dynamic issues, from international economies to interpersonal relationships, affect the workforce.


The 2024 Report Covers:

Feedback analysis from nearly 100,000 comments

Exploring how these trends affect day-to-day operations

Global issues influencing the industry

Building a culture of trust and improvement with feedback

Top themes and subthemes of 2023 feedback

Key Insights:
What’s Inside

Explore the pivotal industry trends from 2023 and what lessons they teach us for 2024 and beyond.

Get a first-hand look at industry dynamics as captured through direct anonymous worker feedback on the WorkHound platform

Put major industry events of 2023 into context, from economic shifts to cultural moments, and understand how they shaped employee feedback

Explore a detailed analysis of the prevailing issues within the trucking and logistics industry as told from the perspective of truck drivers and their colleagues

Take a closer look at the top 5 feedback themes of 2023 with a deep dive into the most frequently raised topics by employees

Discover how to build a culture of trust and improvement by fostering a workplace of transparency, responsiveness, and growth

Why Industry Experts
Love This Report

Unlock the secrets of highly effective leadership and become an employer of choice by understanding the issues that impact the workforce most — in their own words. Don’t miss your chance to learn from our most anticipated feedback report of the year!

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