Collecting Feedback about COVID-19

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This is an unprecedented and confusing time. We want to help. We aren’t doctors, and we can’t solve the disruptions that the global supply chain is experiencing, but we can give you data. 

A Theme for COVID-19

On our customer’s dashboards, we have begun categorizing comments with a new theme.

This theme will highlight any comment referring to the current Coronavirus situation with the goal of giving users direct access to the insights, questions, concerns, and suggestions workers are sharing during these events. 

As transparency is one of our company values, we’ll be honest, we don’t know how this theme will ultimately be treated in the product going forward. We haven’t thought through every implication it may have for future features or maintenance requirements.

But, we know we can help today. So that’s what we are doing.

What It Looks Like

The Activity Page Themes Dropdown

With more than 30,000 workers on WorkHound, we’ve been seeing an uptick in questions and comments about the Coronavirus situation. And so, customers can now see a theme labeled “covid” in their theme dropdown on the Activity Page, as well as the theme list on the Themes Page. This will function just like other themes, pulling all comments associated with the theme while allowing leaders of human resources, retention & recruiting, operations, safety, and any other leader who needs to see this kind of feedback the ability to interact with it.

Our hope is that this will allow our customers to understand the immediate needs and insights of workers regarding this rapidly changing situation. We want to provide every insight that can be valuable to your people and your business. 

The Themes Page Theme List

Mr. Rogers said, “look for the helpers.” We love Mr. Rogers and we want to help.

If you have any questions, please contact WorkHound at

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