Professional Drivers are Thankful in 2018. Here’s Why:

In this season of Thanks, WorkHound is grateful to look back on the year with positive feedback from professional drivers and other frontline workers who have voiced their concerns and praise.

It’s not always easy to create an environment that empowers workers to speak up. That’s why we’re excited to collaborate with every WorkHound customer on a daily basis.

Each of the following comments is from anonymous drivers whose companies have chosen to work with WorkHound to act on feedback and affect change in their company. Thank you to all workers who’ve shared their day with us and helped our team track the good, the bad, and the ugly for more than 13,000 workers across the United States.

This Thanksgiving week, we’re excited to highlight a preview of the good, and there are literally truckloads beyond these messages. Each one was copied directly from the WorkHound dashboard, typos and all. (Remember, they’ve sent this feedback via mobile phone.)

  • “thank you for providing this source for employees to have a voice within the company.”
  • “Thank you and I feel honored to share. I honestly didn’t think they cared”
  • “This app is very good”
  • “I honestly love workhound I like that I can tell my company stuff that I feel is important yet I can’t get into trouble because you guys play the middle person I just want them to give advice without getting the lecture thank you guys for all you do”
  • “This week is going well ! Thank you for the increase in mileage and tarp pay !!! Thanks for implementing Workhound and taking action based on feedback. The drivers like the format it provides.”
  • “I don’t know what’s going over there at headquarters but I’d like to give a big old shout out to whoever is making things happen you’ve made me and my guys and I’m pretty sure a lot of other guys very happy with what’s going on with the big changes in pay thank you from all of us for recognizing the hard work that we do”
  • “Thanks very much for making the change at my location so we can have every other Saturday off! I’m very happy and so are my co workers”
  • “I spoke with my dispatch again and did get things straightened out. Thanks for listening”
  • “This work hound is working perfect. A lot of good changes have already happened cause of this site”
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share without having to worry about it. We don’t usually have a voice in ANY company that actually listens”
  • “Thank you for the chance for us to voice our opinions. You all have already made a difference. Those of us who commented and I’m sure the drivers who didn’t appreciate what you have done.”
  • “Way to WorkHound! ! The people spoke and management listened and reversed a policy I really thought they wouldn’t, so much so I didn’t voice my opinion on because I was certain it would fall on deaf ears but thanks to WorkHound they did. Thanks guys you saved my future with my company.”
  • “I had a concern voiced it on work hound and let them share it with the company and they called me back and noted my concern. I’m happy to have heard from someone“
  • “I know you guys are constantly hearing gripes…I just wanted to say thanks for the recent attention my previous comments have received! I have finally been assigned to a better truck and the issue with my tuition reimbursement is moving forward I believe. Its actions like this that re-affirm my belief that I made the right decision coming to work here! Thank you again!“
  • “The drivers lounge looks better thank you if this work hound thing is the cause.”
  • “Things have been getting much better. Nowhere near as much sitting around and my DM has been much nicer and more responsive since workhound started. Hopefully things will continue like this.”
  • “It amazes me the the changes which have happened since the announcement of this workhound deal. Prior to this announcement I could barely get 2000 mi/wk. when I had been requesting 2500 for 7 months. I had talked to my driver manager, terminal manager and up the ladder to no avail. Suddenly out of the blue comes the announcement regarding workhound and Shazam I immediately go to 2400 mi and higher. This is NO coincidence!! My terminal manager and driver manager have suddenly become very attentive, concerned, calling to see if they can help in any way. It amazes me how people act and change when they know they haven’t been doing a proper job and are suddenly put in a position where they may be called on it!”
  • “Things are improving and hope things will continue to improve for the future. Thank you for your support.”
  • “Thank You, looks to be an Awesome tool.”
  • “This site is Working great any complaint I had has been taken care of and on top of that we got a tarp raise things to this site and whoever is taking care of it. No complaints. Awesome company that takes care of its employees.”

Thank you to all drivers, frontline workers, and companies who have shared feedback to make improvements in your industries, companies, and the work our WorkHound team commits to every day.

We know that turnover is a hot topic, and insights via driver feedback help us understand why. Dispersed workers are as far away as possible from the leadership making decisions on their behalf.

With WorkHound in the palm of their hand, we’re helping to eliminate the communication gap they feel; and ultimately, building this bridge is lowering the high turnover across multiple industries.

During this Holiday season, get to know why your workers are thankful by asking them directly. It’s important to you, to them, and their relationship with your company.

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