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Professional truck drivers are the heart and soul of Storey Trucking. That’s why their continuous feedback is so important. While the team at Storey already has a great relationship with their drivers, they questioned if anonymous feedback might create a wedge in the connection they shared. However, it’s done quite the opposite.

WorkHound Strategic Projects Manager, Paul Castronova, rode along with a Storey Trucking driver who had been with the company for more than 20 years to learn more about what drivers experience firsthand. That driver expressed loyalty for Storey Trucking after having driven for several other carriers that didn’t have the same sense of warmth for their drivers.

“It was clear at Storey Trucking that personal connections are important and evident,” said Castronova. “There’s a real bond between drivers, mechanics, and office staff.”

Castronova said that during the ride-along he learned a lot from the driver about how he felt a sense of relief and gratitude with Storey, but shed some light on the ways other carriers might take advantage of drivers. Because of that, the driver looks for opportunities to invite family and friends to join him at Storey.

In fact, Castronova even met a few of the driver’s family members that have made the jump to Storey.

At their heart, Storey Trucking is a family-owned business with over 50 years of industry success. Like many WorkHound customers, they operate with a very high level of respect and compassion for their staff and drivers, and this has resulted in decades of loyalty from many employees.

In 2018, Storey initiated a plan to better engage with all their drivers, and they recognized a need for additional methods of communication. WorkHound was implemented in that strategy, and it has provided a platform to raise the voice of drivers while solving key problems that might not come out in direct conversations.

“We’re a very down-to-earth company that is also not afraid to embrace new technology,” said Beth Hamilton, Business Development at Storey Trucking, “And no matter how we continue to adapt to an evolving industry, we will always protect our core culture and values.”

Storey Trucking is driver-first in everything they do, and so WorkHound helps Storey track driver feedback in real-time to keep a measurable pulse on driver priorities.

Hamilton says the company is bonded in mutual respect, direct communication, and empathy. And this has been proven to WorkHound in multiple ways. For starters, Storey employs several husband and wife teams. In fact, more than 30-percent of their drivers are women.

“When you have one, or even two people, working to support their household and who’s committed to Storey, it’s our responsibility to take care of them and treat them right,” said Hamilton.

The team at Storey Trucking reviews driver feedback daily and meets weekly to discuss ways to take action. They also make sure that comments of praise make it to the staff they’re intended for because this reinforces the positive leaders that standout among staff members.

Reaching out for one-on-one conversations with every commenter also lets drivers know how much the Storey team appreciates their feedback.

Here’s the thing with this kind of strategy: those who are reviewing feedback can either take it personally or take it actionably. WorkHound sees the most success with the customers that take action and for Storey Trucking, this is just part of their company culture.

“It was very apparent early on that not only was the business family-owned, but that they treat ALL of their drivers and staff like family,” said Cindy Wincek, Senior Customer Success Manager at WorkHound. “And that comes across in the way they treat the feedback coming from their drivers.”

Witnessing the changes made by Storey Trucking has been a rewarding experience for Wincek, who connects with the Storey team on a weekly basis to advocate on behalf of the drivers’ feedback.

For example, in Storey Trucking’s first year while working with WorkHound, drivers shared feedback on topics such as compensation, facility updates, and equipment requests that resulted in positive changes for the drivers. They’ve also implemented a mileage leader program that helps drivers feel the praises for the hard work they commit.

Additionally, it’s important for Storey that expectations between the company and drivers remain aligned. Via WorkHound, when drivers share feedback that indicates a misalignment, Storey takes action right away to communicate and ensure everyone remains on the same page.

Storey prioritizes paying drivers quickly and getting it right the first time. Pay can be a sore subject for drivers as they’re forming initial impressions about their employer. Storey also wants to meet or exceed the expectations of miles promised to their drivers.

Before WorkHound, Storey had already gained a great understanding of drivers’ needs because of their tight-knit environment, but they’ve since discovered that it’s only enhanced their understanding of the drivers’ perspective.

“It’s hard to say it’s a family culture because so many businesses say that,” said Castronova. “But in my experience on the ride along it was less about messaging, and instead it’s just evident in their actions. The drivers and office staff seemed happy and kind because that’s just part of the Storey Trucking culture.”

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