The Best of 2021 – WorkHound Customer Case Studies

Over the years, dozens of supply chain companies have achieved success revolutionizing their company cultures and standing out above the rest for new and current employees via anonymous feedback, and we capture this measurable success in WorkHound case studies.

In a time when turnover is one of the most critical issues facing the trucking industry, it’s all the more important that carriers experiment with new and innovative solutions, and we’re grateful that the companies in this blog gave it a try with WorkHound, and we’re even more thrilled to reinforce that listening to the needs of workers works. 

Today we’re sharing the best of 2021 WorkHound Case Studies. The trucking companies here are proving that simply offering worker-friendly communication channels drives results to improve retention, cost-savings – both in time and budget, and ultimately, a new and improved worker-friendly culture. 

Learn how trucking companies are driving results like cutting turnover in half and saving thousands on recruiting costs ($60,000 per month, to be exact). 

The Best of 2021 – WorkHound Case Studies:

1. USA Truck

After experiencing a 30% improvement in driver retention, USA Truck expanded WorkHound to office staff in 2020 to capture their honest experiences at work while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA Truck continues to utilize WorkHound with office staff after retaining 97% of employees who spoke up and offered the opportunity to intervene.

Learn all about it in this USA Truck office staff case study.

2. Bay & Bay Transportation

Imagine doing so well with driver retention that your company actually grew its headcount. That’s what happened for Bay & Bay Transportation. In a time when most companies are struggling to find qualified talent, Bay & Bay was able to stabilize turnover and ultimately recruit more drivers, resulting in a 30% growth.

Read how they did the unimaginable in this case study.

3. Milan Supply Chain Solutions

In the words of their drivers, Milan Supply Chain Solution gave them “less to fuss about…” And while we certainly believe in feedback and advocate that feedback isn’t fussing, we’re definitely on board with organizations who are doing so much for their workforce that it’s hard to complain.

Read about the cultural evolution Milan has experienced since asking drivers for anonymous feedback.

4. TOTAL Transportation of Mississippi

What could you add to your company’s initiatives if you had an additional $60,000 per month to spend? That’s what happened for TOTAL Transportation of Mississippi when they began saving an additional $60K+ in recruiting costs thanks to a retained workforce.

Learn all about their additional communication efforts here.

5. AFC Transport

With driver turnover averaging at 95% nationwide, we appreciate every organization that makes an effort to break the status quo and sees turnover as a solvable problem. We believe it is and so when we saw retention improve by 26% at AFC Transport, we captured their continued success in this case study so you can learn more about how they did it.

Read about AFC Transport’s changes here.

6. Freightworks Transportation & Logistics

A Gallup poll said that only 39% of employees are engaged and so when Freightworks Transportation discovered that more than 70% of drivers are engaged with WorkHound, it provided an aha moment that the reason why the Freightworks company culture is so great is that workers are so engaged.

In fact, they called WorkHound their virtual focus group, learn all about it here.

Looking Ahead…

There’s more where that came from! If you’re looking for additional success stories from 2021, check out the WorkHound webinars, where you’ll learn how WorkHound customers are applying anonymous communication to simplify communication, gain operational intelligence, and improve company-wide turnover.

Looking to achieve impressive results for your company’s retention and growth strategies? Give us a call. The WorkHound team of experts would be glad to see if your vision is the right fit for how WorkHound works.

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