The Evidence that WorkHound Works

how workhound works

We’re firm believers in the importance of offering employees a meaningful way to provide feedback. But a key part of that is knowing that what’s measured gets managed, and so we’ve worked hard to establish data to provide evidence that WorkHound works.

In order for a feedback mechanism or program to be effective and worth investing in, it needs to be useful in the work you do. In other words, it needs to work for you, rather than against you!

We believe in the way WorkHound works — and that’s why we love to hear trucking carriers share their own success stories about WorkHound in action for their businesses. 

Looking through all the feedback we’ve received, there are four key ways that provide evidence for WorkHound success. Read on to learn more.

More Feedback

When you’re incorporating a feedback program as part of your overall workplace culture, you want it to actually gather feedback. 

WorkHound offers drivers and other employees a simple way to provide their concerns and questions anonymously, and because of that, it is well-utilized from day one. But over time, as employees understand the impact of their feedback — and that your company is committed to gaining trust and confidence through it — they’re even more willing to share their insights.

“More feedback is one key way we know the program is working,” says Katherine Vanderford, Director of Customer Success at WorkHound. “Sometimes we see in the first days of orientation or onboarding, that drivers might be a little skeptical. So, they might dip their toes in the water and share something, and once that’s acknowledged, then trust is built and drivers begin sharing much more.”

Over time, companies are likely to see a larger number of employees sharing, as well as an increase in employees who share their thoughts more than once, allowing them to dig deeper into their honest needs.

Filter-Free Feedback

Beyond gathering more feedback, the quality of that feedback also changes as drivers recognize the value of how WorkHound works as a feedback program. Even if an employee was skeptical at first, anonymity allows for thoughts and concerns to be shared in a more direct and honest way.

That’s one of the many benefits of offering employees anonymity when sharing feedback. Whether or not retaliation is a reality, drivers assume it’s possible because of previous experiences. In this format, drivers know they can share their unfiltered and honest thoughts about how to retain them.

This yields a more actionable product for retention and HR leaders at trucking companies. Without a confident understanding of driver wants and needs, actions to retain them are based largely on assumptions. When drivers are sharing their honest, detailed thoughts, you can take action based on data and the true reality of their situation.

A Positive Reputation

How do we know WorkHound works? Well, we’ve built up quite a reputation. (Thankfully, it’s a good one!)

Because we’ve been around for a while — and a need for a proactive driver retention solution in the trucking industry — we’re finding that drivers enjoy using WorkHound and they’re willing to share that with others.

“WorkHound has a positive reputation amongst drivers,” said Vanderford. “And carriers tend to include WorkHound in their driver job descriptions as an attractive way to promote their workplace culture.”

Improved Metrics

We have a lot of anecdotal evidence that WorkHound works, but there’s data to back it up, too. 

With consistent use of WorkHound, trucking carriers see positive improvements in the metrics displayed on their dashboards. This includes a larger number of drivers willing to reveal their identities when requested, a higher retention number 30 days after the reveal, and an improved satisfaction score.

Over time, those numbers continue to climb. The true impact is felt as drivers gain comfort with having a feedback tool and a company they can truly trust.

“We hear from drivers who say they had never felt comfortable sharing any feedback prior to using WorkHound,” Vanderford says. “They would simply sit quietly in their truck and go home, but now they can share their thoughts and concerns.”

Maybe the best proof that WorkHound works is the feedback from drivers themselves — true “word of mouth” demonstrating its effectiveness. 

“Drivers talk no matter what — they’re leaving that feedback somewhere,” Vanderford says. “And drivers have shared in their WorkHound feedback that they’ve talked amongst themselves about how grateful they are for WorkHound, and that’s something we’re really proud of.”

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