Case Studies

Venture transport truck driving mountain road

Case Study: Venture Transport Uses Feedback to Improve Driver Experience

Venture Transport has successfully maintained a small-carrier culture even as it grew, find out how WorkHound helped them do it.

Image of J & M Tank Lines truck

Case Study: J&M Tank Lines Driver Retention

Find out what lead VP of Human Resource Development at J & M Tank Lines, Eric Hanson, to change his perception on the necessity of WorkHound.

Stevens Trucking

Stevens Trucking: Driver Relationships and Change Management with WorkHound

Learn how Stevens Trucking uses anonymous communication to disrupt turnover, identify communication gaps, and build trust with drivers.

Case Study – Freightworks Transportation & Logistics: Keeping Drivers Connected

“When you lose touch with your drivers, you really lose something as a company,” says Joyce Siqueira, VP of Operations for FreightWorks. “I wanted to be able to have access to the drivers, their feedback, their input, and what was going on in their lives without it being filtered through anyone else. WorkHound fit that need perfectly." Learn how in this case study.

Case Study – Ascend: Give Drivers Less to Fuss About

Learn how Milan Supply Chain Solutions tackled driver turnover and retained more than 93% of revealed drivers an additional 30 days.

usa truck office staff

Case Study: USA Truck Revolutionizes Company Culture for Office Staff & Technicians

Following a successful effort to offer a continuous feedback resource to drivers, USA Truck expanded WorkHound to office staff and technicians in Q3 - 2020. Learn how a more engaged front office staff positively impacts company-wide retention

Bay & Bay

Case Study: Bay & Bay Transportation Grows Capacity by 30%

Learn how Bay & Bay Transportation decreased turnover by 23% and grew capacity by 30%.

afc transport

Case Study: AFC Transport – Driver Feedback Improves Retention by 26%

Learn how AFC Transport is driving change with instant driver feedback.

USA Truck

How WorkHound Helped USA Truck Drive Change & Enhance Driver Satisfaction

Learn how USA Truck decreased operational turnover by 27.8%