Melton Webinar

Webinar – How to Elevate Happy Drivers for Recruiting and Retention

Sign up for this webinar on November 16th -- Do you have so much positive feedback from your drivers that you just don't know what to do with it? Or perhaps: Do you have just one or two positive comments from your drivers and you know you need to do something with it but just aren't sure what that is yet?

Cheema Webinar

Webinar – Drivers & Dashcams: A Data-Driven Discussion

Sign up for this webinar on November 10. It's no surprise that drivers aren't big fans of dashcams and other in-cab recording devices. But we recently ran the numbers and have cold hard data to help guide the challenges associated with in-cab recording device installations. Quite frankly, the trends on the subject left us shocked.

milan webinar

Webinar – Ask Milan How to Retain More Drivers

Tune in to this free event on November 4 at 1:30 p.m. - Milan Supply Chain Solutions has been driving continual improvement since tracking real-time, anonymous driver feedback.

Ask the Customer: How did Bay & Bay Transportation Grow Driver Count by 30%?

In 2020 alone, turnover dropped by 23% which has helped with a net increase in driver count by 30%. So this month, we're inviting you to join us in celebrating their success AND boosting their expertise with a Q&A. Join us!

Drive Change: How to Optimize Your Retention Program

Change is scary. But in the trucking industry, where annual turnover averages 95% or higher, change is necessary.
In this discussion, WorkHound has invited innovators at The Decker Companies and Milan Supply Chain Solutions to discuss how they're navigating change, helping team members adapt, and why they feel it's necessary for their retention programs.

train and retain

Replay: Train and Retain: How Dart Keeps Drivers for the Long Haul

Learn how Dart has prioritized driver retention through improving training and safety for drivers while establishing a disciplined and stabilized company culture.

Replay: The Crossroads of Pay & Culture: A Virtual Trucking Roundtable

Learn how American Central Transport is retaining more drivers by simply thinking about pay differently and communicating about it more clearly.

women in trucking

REPLAY: Women in the Driver Seat: A Trucking Industry Panel Discussion

WorkHound hosted this discussion with Casey Bellman, Chief People Officer at HMD Trucking, and Dr. Kirleen Neely, a leading psychologist at Neely Counseling to talk about the relationship between drivers and their frontline of communication.